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Current & Past Projects

Construction Site

Intel (Rio Rancho, Fort Collins, and Santa Clara)

  • Tool Install Equipment Sign Off.
  • Demo Equipment Sign Off.
  • Equipment Sign Off Tracking/Reporting.
  • PSSS/Basebuild/Progressive Build/SPGC Commissioning (Green Tag/Blue Tag Sign Off)
  • Area Readiness/Area Acceptance.

Files Construction

Rio Rancho NM: Recycle water tank.
Alamogordo NM: Water line improvement.
Taos NM: Steel tank and water line improvement.
La Plata NM: Water line improvement and above ground Steel tank.
Rowe NM: Water line improvement
Edge wood NM: Pump house water pond and water line installation
Ruidoso NM: Water line improvement.
Mescalero NM: Water line improvement.


ARS/ Lakeworth Group

Press Building Demo (TA-3 Los Alamos NM)
Geotech Drilling (TA-53 Los Alamos NM)

Groundhog excavating Inc.

Geotech Drilling (Los Alamos NM)

Mortenson Construction

Western Plains wind farm (Spearville, KS)